The little things that matter most …SMILE

On the quiet streets of Ho somewhere in Ghana, with the little children playing on the street at sunset… the sound of laughter, of joy and of contentment, I felt at ease. It was heaven being in HER arms, while she tacked me to bed and smiled at me. Sometimes, the pain of sleeping on an empty stomach did not matter because in her smile, I felt at ease. I captured that.

I last captured her smile  twenty (20) years ago never knowing that I would not have another opportunity to capture it again. I held on to that smile… I am holding onto it now and I will keep holding on to it. HER smile came through her tears and through her pain. She smiled no matter the situation. HER smiles have come to replace her embrace.

I wish I had known that was the last smile I could capture; I wish I could turn back the hands of time again just to capture the smile you gave me when I was leaving for school. Yes! The smile you gave me to silently urge me on, the smile you gave me to allay my fears and whisper in my ears that everything will be alright. Through the years, I have learnt to smile despite the circumstances… I have learnt to smile through my tears because I know well that happiness is in little things. The times we shared together have been captured into my heart… I will keep smiling and keep moving on…  I miss HER smiles

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