“Wherever you go becomes a part of you somehow.” – Anita Desai


There is beauty is all around you if only you open your heart to see it. Paris is one of those cities that you fall in-love with instantly! However, we all know that Paris is a beautifully expensive city. I am not saying its streets are made of gold but to enjoy the very best as a tourist in Paris you will have to decide whether to go on a budget or not!

This is really one tricky question to which there isn’t a single answer. To enjoy Paris and explore to your utmost satisfaction, you may need to increase your budget. I am not saying you cannot go to Paris on budget, you can, however to enjoy the activities that will leave you memories for life you cannot do it on a budget please. No ma’am, no sir! You will need to combine an element of low budget and high budget. Low budget areas could possibly be your tickets and hotel accommodation; all other areas will have to be on medium to high budget.

Email dhorice@gmail.com for travel advise..........Email dhorice@gmail.com for travel advise

The best way to go to Paris on a low budget is from London Kings cross using the Eurostar trains. Sometimes Eurostar can be more expensive then the flights so try checking www.skyscanner.net as well before deciding the cheapest means to get to Paris. Unfortunately, if you are moving from Africa, Ghana to be precise, you will have to be prepared to spend a fortune on flight tickets. (between $600-900). On the side of your hotel accommodation you could pay as low as $20 a night so get on cheap bookings! and start looking for accommodation. There is always a trade-off between comfort and money but sometimes you can pay peanuts yet enjoy the most comfortable room at the hotel or seat on the flight. Anything is possible so just take a chance.

As much as you can save on your flight and hotel, please! Please! Please! do not bargain on the experience! We travel for adventure, to try new things and meet new people so you can’t afford to bargain on these experiences. Most of these experiences are at a fixed price. For instance, if you get to the Eiffel Tower in Paris and the prices are: 11euros for the second stage of the tower and 21 euros for the last stage. Don’t compromise on the 10 euros to miss out on seeing the most amazing view of Paris from the top of the tower.



Make the trip at night and be sure to have a great time. (Hint: making the trip to the top of the tower takes a really long time due to the queue so if you want to be up there by 6-7pm join the queue at about 3-4pm! yes it takes that long). You cannot go to Paris without visiting the Eiffel tower and you cannot claim to have experienced the tower without going to the last stage on the tower to enjoy the breath taking view of Paris from the top. This should be number one on your list.



A tour on the Seine river in Paris is enough if you only have a day in Paris. It gives you the view of the Eiffel tower, Notre Dame, the Pont Neuf and a lot more tourist sites whiles sitting on the boat and sipping on a glass of wine or a cup pf coffee. You can book your Seine river  tour ahead of time. Just search for Seine river tours and you will have millions of options to choose from. Remember not to trade money for comfort and great experiences. Try to enjoy the best view and do it from a good boat that offers tasty snacks. The tour can take between 1 to 2 hours so yes my love you do need snack.

Boat Cruise on the river Seine
2016-04-12 07.43.09
Cruising on Seine
Cruising with a view of the Notre Dame


Why not wake up one of the days of your visit and have a warm cup of coffee with hot croissant the French way sitting by those amazing way-side cafes then start your day with a walk through town to the Louvre. Use your google map to find your way there. You can read all about how to make the best use of your google map and hotel wifi on my blog at https://lifeinmycamera.wordpress.com/2017/02/17/why-i-choose-istanbul-as-my-first-solo-trip-experiences-and-lessons/ .

Use your google directions to walk to the Louvre if you are in town. If not use your google map to get the train lines to use to get to the city close to the louvre, get yourself a cup of coffee and enjoy the street view, fall in love with the streets while drinking your coffee then go on to the Louvre. If you are an art lover like my self, one day wouldn’t even be enough for you at the Louvre. The good thing about it is that Louvre tickets are for a whole day so make one day of your visit an art day and make sure you take a look at the Mona Lisa with all the security around it you may not be able to stand close but it will be close enough for a picture with it in the background.

Walking through the streets of Paris after a warm cup of coffee…. finding my way to the Louvre
2016-03-26 07.23.06
At the Louvre
Inside the Louvre

The closest I could get to the Mona Lisa Painting

As I always say, the beauty of traveling is in the discovery so go and make some discoveries yourself. GO! PACK! And EXPLORE! Paris.

Till I come your way next month… enjoy reading!

Email dhorice@gmail.com for travel advise

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