…How I see life through these streets

The streets of London give me inspiration for life every time! From the wealthy and affluent shopping streets of Mayfair right down to the streets of Victoria, I see people of different races and from all walks of life going about their lives with so much joy and contentment.


I see hope and the desire to accomplish in the eyes of many. I see the old woman running to catch the bus on her way to work because she believes life is not yet over and that she can still make her dreams come true.

I see the man in his mid-fifties, wearing his singlet and shorts with his headphones, listening to music so hard because he has no care for anyone in the world but just to be happy. He does not care what others think!

On these streets, I see lots of people catching the bus or the train maybe because they don’t have time to drive in the traffic or they just cannot afford a car. However, on these same streets I see different brands of cars like Maserati, Ferraris, Porches, Mercedes Benz, Tesla, Range Rover, Audi, Bentley, BMW etc. being driven on every side of the road which speaks to keeping hope alive. That one day, the guy struggling so hard to even pay a single pass fare or load his oyster card will also have a shot at driving a Maserati on these streets.


On this street you learn to focus and stay on track; with so many buses, bus stops and so many train lines and undergrounds, you will need to focus on you and no one else because hunny, everyone is going somewhere! Focus on your journey! I wonder how life was before google. Everyone holding a tourist map I guess 🙂

Email dhorice@gmail.com for travel advise..........Email dhorice@gmail.com for travel advise


I always make a conscious effort to see both sides of life in London. Having afternoon tea in the winter garden at the landmark hotel, I see business men and women making million dollar deals while sipping on tea. Right across the Landmark, is the Marylebone train station where you see the masses gather to pick a train.

After a night at the landmark, I stepped out the next morning after breakfast and the butler goes like:

“madam would you need me to get you a taxi?’  wondering why?

You pay for such services and so much more at the landmark and of course it is assumed that you would catch a taxi rather than hop on a train on a normal day unless you want to beat the traffic. For me, my reasons were simple, I wanted to see both worlds because it gives me the opportunity to see life from both perspectives. It gives me hope and above all else it speaks to times and seasons. It teaches me to accept life as a pair of walking legs. The foot forward has no pride and the foot behind has no shame because they both know their situations will soon change.



I walk through Louis Vuitton on Mayfair and see the display of wealth like no other. The beautiful part of this is that you could get a shirt at Tory Burch, or walk across and get yourself one in river island or Zara and you still get to wear them. What matters is that you are content.

My favourite pastime in London is sitting at the Starbucks directly across the Victoria Shopping place and Colonnade walk on the Buckingham street enjoying a good cup of coffee while watching people go about life! It teaches me to once in a while step out of myself and appreciate life. Try it sometime!



On these streets of London, I see hope, I see determination, I see contentment, I see hard work, and above all I see people of all races and backgrounds making ends meet and realising their dreams. I see them creating and accomplishing and it only fuels my desire to live life and accomplish!


These streets teach me that we are the ones with the power to determine our value. You give away your power when you start to belittle yourself and compare!

Email dhorice@gmail.com for travel advise

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