Bangkok during Business travel?

Business trips are usually brief yet demanding so how does one enjoy a business trip as a traveler? Being a traveler and a full time worker is stressful, but fun because I get to apply my knowledge and skills on one hand, have fun, make memories and have experiences that shape my life on the other. This is the reason why whatever the purpose of my trip, whether travelling for business, conference, school etc. I always make a conscious effort to have fun. But that can be very tedious if it’s a business travel.

So how do you really go about having fun during a business travel?

Here are a few tips:


Schedule your meetings and activities such that you will have some time to move around and sight see. Majority of the time, we are unable to plan our business trips such that we have time to do any other thing, maybe because our schedule is usually out of our control. In such a situation, it is necessary to plan to use time after your conference/meetings wisely. You could plan to eat out rather than eating at the hotel. Eating out means eating at a different place every day. This will help you to kill two birds with one stone that is to explore new streets at the same time having fun while eating out.



Forget Jet Lag

Jet Lag can come as an advantage or disadvantage. It comes as an advantage when you cannot sleepJ hurray! If you are finding it difficult to sleep, you might as well roam the stress and explore your surroundings better. Bangkok is very hot during the day; I dare say its hotter than my home country Ghana so it’s even an added advantage to walk on the streets at night. It’s safe! At least from my experience, I can say it’s safe.

Jet Lag is luxury travelers like myself cannot afford so Jet Lag can wait! But be ready to payback when sleep catches up with you. You can’t cheat nature that easily.




Create time

Creating time is very essential if sight-seeing on a business travel will ever be a success. My trip to Bangkok was for a very well packed conference. My day was so packed with work such that I did not even have time for any tourist activity during the day. The disadvantage of this was missing out on certain tourist sites that closed by 4pm.

I crossed 7 time zones and went straight into my meeting the next morning (Bangkok morning so Ghana was about midnight. All this, despite the fact that I arrived in Bangkok at 10pm after almost 20hrs of flight and a time difference of (GMT+7). Tired will be an understatement and to add to that I was seriously jet-lagged! But you know me wink Where there is adventure, you are sure to find me so I made the decision to throw jet lag out of the window and create time after every session in the evening to walk around and discover places till my body could not handle it anymore. All you need to do is create time!

Step out at night

Usually you will only have time to step out in the evening so grab the opportunity and do so!. In a country that is really cold during the day, stepping out at night might become worse due to further fall in temperature but hey brace yourself for it and make most of every few minutes you get in the evening to explore as that is the only way you probably will.


Have dinner close to Tourist sites

It may be more expensive having dinner close to tourist sites but it will help you kill two birds with one stone. As you step out to eat dinner, you may be able to catch certain sites and meet other tourists.


Finally, try to make new friends with locals during business meetings who will help you find your way around easily as you do not have the luxury of time to be getting lost although it’s always my joy as a solo traveler to get lost and find my way back. Google map in Bangkok is mostly in Thai language!


Keep your fingers crossed for my next blog on travel checklist for Bangkok (PS: Thai massages are the best)….. you don’t want to miss it and it comes with more pictures!!! 🙂

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