Bangkok in 2018? Check out my list!!!

“Once a year, go someplace you’ve never been before.”


Happy Girl in Bangkok

This year and in fact every other year, decide to go somewhere you have never been before. It will make you a story teller! It will give you different perspectives. Don’t tell me you don’t have money because its not money you need it’s the will!!!

How about going to Bangkok this year 2018? Yes! Why not right? 🙂

My trip to Bangkok in 2017 was one of the best travel decisions I made. The city gave me a glimpse at what it means to live a good life at an affordable price. From Thai massages, to good Thai cuisines and four star hotels all at affordable prices. Oh and the night life is amazing!

Due to the extremely hot weather in Bangkok during the day, a lot more tourists explore at night. Don’t worry, its safe out there but my advice is not to depend too much on google map.

You can also explore during the day. In fact most museums and other official tourist sites are usually closed during the night but as a traveller the best part of travelling is not visiting museums it is in living as the locals, appreciating what lies within the people and how they live!
“If you reject the food, ignore the customs, fear the religion and avoid the people, you might better stay at home.” – James Michener

So now that we have decided to go to Bangkok let me share with you my travel checklist.

You can do a lot more than the list below so don’t limit yourself;

  1. Take the Boat ride to on the river to Asiatique. Trust me it’s very affordable. just about a dollar! as you can see below! Just go to the Phra Arthit Pier and pick a Chao Phraya Tourist Boat for some nice experience on the Chao River! 20170629_183716-01

    On board a hop-on-hop-off boat for less just about a $1
  2. Go to the floating market! Yes! Thailand is known for its floating market. Quite expensive and far from main city. The market usually closes by 6pm so make it a point to get there early. Don’t follow my footsteps.:) I got there so late that I couldn’t take any pictures! **sad***
  3. Take lots of walk to see around town. Get ready to get lost and find your way again. As I mentioned earlier, you are better off asking for directions than relying solely on google map due to language barrier!


4. At Asiatique, eat along the riverfront overlooking the river at night. It’s a little expensive but hey! Live!

After a nice dinning experience on the river front



5. Go to the Siam Paragon mall and enjoy luxury shopping. You got to see it for yourself to believe it but here check out my IG page for some videos


6. Go for a Thai Massage. When in Thailand do what the Thai’s do: have a thai massage! Get a good Thai massage at a really good price.

Just before I enjoy my Thai massage

7. Go for fish spa and make memories to keep. It’s an amazing experience which is very affordable!


8. Make sure you shop at the Asiatique Market.


9. Explore the museums and all the beautiful architecture! Bangkok has some amazing building as you can see below. My favourite was the Wat Arun. It just cost 50Baht to go there



Less than $2 to go to the Wat Arun

10. Buy beef along the street:) This has been one of my bucket lists! finally crossed it off


Buying beef on the streets of Bangkok! bucket list checked! ha!

11. Eat all kinds of noodles till you can’t eat any more. 🙂  My favourite way-side restaurant was the Hong Kong restaurant! Try golden bum as well as some tsofu! and this wayside place had wifi so as you will guess, every tourists favourite!




12. If you are up for some crazy and fun experience, take a public bus.

A public bus in Bangkok… Can you tell me where this bus is heading? 🙂

Disclaimer:  Never said it will be easy though, you could get lost pretty easily since the bus destination is even written in Thai 🙂 but don’t get all scared on me, remember we are doing this for the experience! And meeting new people. If you do get lost, try out the dhorice steps! WHY I ChoSE Istanbul as my FIrSt solo trip: EXPERIENCES AND LESSONS!

13. In getting lost you will meet new people! so get lost and talk to strangers who will become friends! Not everyone speaks english so brace your self for the fun!



14. You could have more fun if you pick one of the tricycles, unlike Lagos in Nigeria, tricycles in Bangkok can be way more expensive than taxis so brace yourself for it. (check out videos on my IG page @edzem)

The tricycle experience… saves you from Bangkok traffic


“The life you have led doesn’t need to be the only life you have.” – Anna Quindlen

So go! Pack! and explore Bangkok!

Contact me for any information regarding your travel and other arrangements:


20 thoughts on “Bangkok in 2018? Check out my list!!!

  1. Was reading about Bangkok few days ago and trust me I will have to visit the country this year, am proud of your experience, you still the best friend I have Sis Doris, Good job done

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Your story telling us just top notch…. you bringing the cities you visit close to some of us …thank you very much


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