After my last blog on ” Bangkok travel checklist in 2018”, I received a lot of emails and messages enquiring about how to secure a visa to Thailand so this blog will hopefully answer all your questions if not you are free to contact me here.

Ghanaian Nationals and majority of Africans require visa to enter Thailand. As is required for many nationals, one will need to have a booked hotel accommodation and ticket reservation (not a strict requirement). You can book really affordable four star hotels in Bangkok so don’t worry about spending too much. You can get hotels for as low as $30-50 a night. I mean clean and nice hotels. Just go ahead and book with this link


One major hindrance for Ghanaians is the location of the Thai embassy. There is no Thai embassy in Ghana. Yes I know! Sad right? You will need to go to the embassy located in Abuja, Maitama. One trick you could use is to go to Abuja and apply for your visa while staying and touring Abuja. You can then book your flight from Abuja or Lagos to Bangkok, definitely routing you through Dubai. It can take between 2-10days for your visa to be ready but it is more likely to be the lower end so do not worry about staying in Abuja for too long.

You could also make the trip and have them send your passport and other documents to you via courier that is if you do not want to pay for hotel in Abuja. It’s really up to you.





You will need to download the visa application form from the Thai embassy website and fill that with the exact picture and other requirements to the letter! For instance, as part of the requirements, you are required to notarise your bank statements so make sure you follow the requirements to the letter as you may not have the opportunity to correct certain mistakes once you are out of Ghana. In addition to that, you will be applying in a foreign country and cannot afford to have to return for any document.


The visa fee as at June 2017 was about 26,000 Naira (about $73), however, this may change so confirm from the website. Take extra passport photographs and a lot of photocopies of your documents. You will be amazed at how much you will end up paying for photocopy and passport photos.

For more information log onto the Royal Thai Embassy Website 

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