Copenhagen, Airbnb and becoming a host two years later

Copenhagen is a city filled with beautiful people, incredible designs and shops, breath-taking graffiti on the walls, excellent museums. Although it is said to be one of the most expensive European countries to visit, you can still make it your next break!

One expensive item to note in Copenhagen is transport! It is quite expensive so my advice on the best way to tour the city and save yourself the trouble of picking the wrong bus or getting arrested by the ticket police for buying an inaccurate ticket (That experience will soon be up on my blog! Watch this space!) will be to rent a city bike and enjoy the hell out of touring Copenhagen.

Screenshot_20180426-211630-01Screenshot_20180427-160054-01The bike city


Accommodation is yet another expensive expenditure in Copenhagen so Airbnb came in handy. I booked an apartment with two of my friends for less than $150 for a 3-day stay! Guess what, hotels where going for between $70-100 a night for a single bed. So it was a really good deal.  The host was very accommodating. He helped us to find our way around the city, which transport lines to use, where to have a great night life etc.

Feeling all cosy in my Airbnb apartment

It dawned on me then that at least for this generation, Airbnb had come to stay! So I started using Airbnb on most of my travels and was looking forward to the day when I become a host. Fast forward to a little over two years after my first guest experience with Airbnb, I decided to take the step to become a host. I am now a host for Airbnb in Ghana. I am so excited about helping people experience Ghana the same way I have been assisted by several Airbnb hosts around the world to enjoy my stay all over! I enjoyed my stay so well that I had to find a way to give people coming to Ghana the same if not a better experience.

Thinking of coming to Accra-Ghana? Then look no further for accommodation. Use this link to book and receive amazing discounts!


A few things you can put on your checklist:

Visit the roundhouse and see the view from the top. Admire the city and the life of people going about their day to day activities.

View from the top of the round tower

Go around the city and explore, get lost and find your way!

Face of a happy explorer

Grab a steak with a glass of beer at the Nyhavn port. While sipping on your beer admire the colourful buildings along the port. It’s breath-taking!

Look on my face after a plate of steak washed down with wine!

Visit Tivoli which is the oldest amusement park in the world


See the Louisiana art museum and Ordrupgaard art museum


Go to the tattoo parlour for a temporary tattoo if you are an adrenaline junkie like myself!

First let me take a picture then we can get a tattoo

Make sure you have a bite of traditional Danish sandwiches (smørrebrød)

Dive into the several antique shops and get you some vintage Scandinavian item to carry with you for life!

Find something you alone will identify with anytime you go back there. Mine was food from this amazing Chinese joint for just 35 kroner! Ha! You know that food that tastes so delicious yet is so affordable? Yhhh that was this Chinese rice and beef. Ha!

My favourite joint in Copenhagen. All hail China Box!
Hope you had a good read. Kindly contact me at with all your suggestions, comments and definitely questions!







10 thoughts on “Copenhagen, Airbnb and becoming a host two years later

  1. Copenhagen is an amazing city. I loved visiting there in 2014 for ESOF. Luckily I found a host family via Human Hotel. Rundertaan gives you a nice view of the city. The official ESOF party at Vega was on point, though I wasn’t too familiar with the electronic music. All in all, I recommend CPH to any one looking to explore.

    Congratulations on setting up your AirBnB! I’m sure hosting would be a rewarding and fulfilling experience.

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