Sometimes I wish to go back to the days of the Old Stone Age when everyone was just a Nomad!!!- Doris Agbevivi (Quote by myself 🙂

Fast-forward to the 21st Century, with nations, boundaries, laws upon laws upon laws, travelling is no longer easy as just picking your bag pack and roaming like a nomad from the “Old Stone Age.” Now you need permission to cross a boarder, and while in another person’s country, you have to behave yourself and make sure you do not anger the gods in that country 🙂

As a tourist, you are a stranger in any land you find yourself that is not your homeland. Remember that!!! As much as you may want to do all the right things, there will be a few things you could do that might be against the law; knowingly or unknowingly.

So what do you do when you encounter the police in a strange land?

First rule of being a tourist; always carry your passport on you! Hell yes! Your passport is your best chance of getting out of trouble. Wondering how? That is the only prove that you are a tourist as at that time of being arrested. It would give you the chance to be allowed to go with a warning!


I had an encounter with Law enforcement in Copenhagen! This is what happen;

So I picked the bus into town to explore more of my environment. Sitting in the train I was not enjoying the views see so the bus was my best option. After exploring a while and getting tired, I decided to come back to my rented apartment. The time left on my ticket was 30mins while the time to get home was 50mins by bus so my best bet was to pick the train. I did!

While on board the train, law enforcement comes around and decides to check tickets. I was so sure I had done nothing wrong because I still had time on my ticket to be able to sit on the train comfortably. I sat there with a smile of my face. 🙂

One of them walks up to me;

Law enforcement: Ticket please

I proudly took my ticket out of my bag and showed it to him.

Law enforcement: Madam, please is this the ticket you are boarding with or is there another one

Me: Yes check the date and time please. It is ticket for today and it doesn’t expire till the next 20mins

Law enforcement: Madam it’s not the time, you are in zone 5 and your ticket only gives you permission to go as far as zone 4.

No way! Not now! I said to myself.

Me: Okay, but I bought it from the bus conductor, it wasn’t my fault. So what do I do now?

Law enforcement: Madam, you are in violation of the ticketing rules so you will be fined $150

Oh no! I said to myself.

Me: $150??? The ticket did not cost me anything close to that. Not even my accommodation. I did nothing wrong so I will not pay that fine. If anyone is to blame it’s the bus driver.


Law enforcement: Madam please can I see your passport

This is getting real, how do I talk my way out of this? There has to be a way, I kept saying to myself. But I went ahead and gave him my passport.

He scanned and the next thing he said to be was;

Law enforcement: You have been booked in the system, you should go to the nearest ticket office and pay your fine.

Me: No way! I did nothing wrong. I will file a complaint

Law enforcement: You can go right ahead and file your complaint.

Oh no! My passport has been booked into the Denmark system as a ticket violation. What do I do now?

When I finally got home, I went straight online to research and find out how I can be able to get myself out of this mess. I was determined not to pay the $150 fine and definitely was not going to be on the list of offenders. Being on that list will mean I do not get to come back there after I leave the country at least for another 2 years. More importantly, I was concerned about making sure I left this city without an offence registered against my passport.

I filed a complaint online and after 3weeks the authorities responded to me. I was cleared!!! Why? Because I was a tourist!

Sometimes the system works at other times it doesn’t but either ways always carry your passport along! Never turn down an opportunity to explore because of this. This is just a caution 🙂

Still pack your bags and explore! stay tuned!!!


Have you ever encountered Law enforcement authorities on your travel? If yes Please share your story with us by commenting below.


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