Time is 14:40 Egyptian time and I am sitting across the Tahir Square in Cairo, contemplating whether to get up and just walk about so I can get rid of all the stares I keep getting but no, I’m stubborn so I am staying put.

Last night I came to this same Café with my friend Daniel from Ohio who had been travelling for the past two years. We came to watch football: England vs Croatia. Immediately we entered the café filled with men, all eyes turned to me! Should I start feeling like a celebrity? hahaha. I actually came for coffee so the football was just an added bonus. I still stayed until half time! wink

Today, I came back to the same café to sit across and watch as Egyptians and tourists went about their day! The stares! Oh my! Maybe it’s because this black lady walks so confidently into the café asking for a cup of coffee and internet access. I should have ordered shisha as well. Ha! Someone walking by actually raised an eyebrow at me and the look would probably be : go home lady! hahah! but i stayed nonetheless.


Across this café, I see the beautiful young lady without a scarf getting looks from another lady (older) maybe because of her scarf. I see the beautiful tourist in shorts obviously feeling so uncomfortable as she gets stares all over. (Please dress to cover!!! )

More importantly, I see young boys across trying to sell travel and tour services to strangers both tourists and indigenous alike. They are about their business trying to make ends meet. Industrious! The beauty of all this is that, all across the world, everyone is about their business in their own way! Be proud of your own trade! of your life and more importantly be happy!


Back inside this café I am so enjoying my coffee and typing out my travel observation, I couldn’t help but notice all the stares I am still getting. I have been sitting here for 2 hours but most people are still not comfortable with me here. Still the only female sitting below stairs. I see women up though. Could it be I am in an all-male zone? No I don’t think so, If that were the case, the café staff would have mentioned so I plan to keep it up until it’s time to go for lunch or for my Nile tour

Finally, after about two hours 3 Arab ladies approached me and asked something in Arabic I really did not understand, my guess they wanted to know if they could sit in the café. To that I gestured, why not!!!… come in! yes to girl power!


The fear of doing absolutely anything in this world has to do with the conditioning of our minds! Yes even you, your fear of travel has to do more with the conditioning of your mind to remain in your comfort zone so you find all the excuses to support your fear!

Walk into your little cafe…. whatever it it! Just take that step!

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