Travel is a school with infinite lessons that will stay with you all your life. My lessons starts from the airports and airplanes. Doris Agbevivi (quote by self:) 

The man sitting in seat B asked me: “Why are you so fixated on looking out the window?

I replied: “I had two favourite places in this world (It was a tie); the beach and the green gardens.” until I fell in love with the skies.

At some point in my life they both lost their place to the skies especially when watching it from the window of an airplane. That presupposes my favourite place on a flight is the window seat. I sometimes go as for as negotiating for it!:)


When I look out the window of airplane, this is what I see. My favourite place!

He laughed and asked: “Why the skies? And why from a plane?”

I replied: “that is a long story, I doubt I will be able to articulate it well to you but I will try.”


 This is my lesson from window seat 30A of one of my flights.

The relationship between the skies and the plane thought me a life lesson that I will always remember whether on or off a flight.

The skies have a mind of its own. At one moment, it is clear and yet at another moment it becomes windy, creating turbulence on flight.

However, what amazes me is the airplane!

The airplane knows it has no control over the changing moods of the sky so what does it do? It focuses on “ITSELF” knowing it was built for the skies although it can’t control it. It maintains FOCUS and DETERMINATION to complete its journey.

It knows where it is headed so it stays on course. Determined to reach its destination. Keeping focus and refusing to be swayed by the skies.

In the process of doing this, the winds may get stronger and cause it to shake and shiver creating a turbulence but in the end it gently finds a way to restore itself back to position to continue its journey till it arrives safely.


There are lots of circumstances beyond your control dear reader, but learn from the airplane;

Know that you were built for it so brace yourself for it. Don’t fight what you can’t control, don’t let that frustrate you, look within yourself! You are built for that storm so weather it!

While at it, remember that at the end of it all, you will find a way to restore yourself back to position and complete your journey. So weather the storm. Do not wish for it to go away. It’s there to propel you. Harness it by looking within for what you require to make the best of it.



Cheers to 2019 as we weather the storms and still stay focused on our journey ahead!

It’s still me, the girl who travels to tell stories!

Up next my Viking experience in Oslo, Norway Watch out for it!!! Up next my Viking experience in Oslo, watch out for it!!!


  1. This is a great and inspiring write up. The journey of a plane is really symbolic of our journey through life and like you said one has to be Determined and remain focused to be able to sail through. Give us more food for thought.


  2. I love reading your stories…. they inspire me to challenge the status quo…
    I will embark on solo travels….. I wish I could also share my experience like you do.


  3. Short piece this time but very inspiring. Another good read Doris. I love traveling too and always found air travel inspiring but I never thought of an airoplane as a symbol of resilience for my own challenges in life. One question for you. Where do you sit when travelling at night?


    1. Thank you. I am glad this perspective helped. Same place. At night, the red/ green position lights at the end of the airplane wing blinking in the completely dark skies also tells a story 🙂


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