A 10pm encounter at the Vigeland Park in Oslo

It was the last day of my work in Oslo and as much as I had hoped my last meeting would close early, It didn’t! rather I was still in meetings till 6pm. High on my bucket list of things to do in Oslo was to enjoy a Viking experience at the Viking Museum getting to know the Vikings a bit more closely by touching the ships and watching the videos of the Vikings days at the Viking Ship museum. In addition to that was a visit the Vigeland Park.

The Viking Ship Museum
If you have never watched the vikings, you may want to watch it! This experience was everything!

I had the opportunity of visiting the Viking Museum and enjoying the experience two days ago so there was only one thing remaining on that list: a visit to the park to enjoy and feed my eyes on those sculptures.

My flight was 6am the next morning meaning I needed to be at the airport latest by 4am. I had not packed, my meeting finally ended at about 7pm, the ride to my hotel would last an hour, I wanted to buy some souvenirs, the shops would close by 8pm, I was starving, I also wanted to go to the shipyard and the shopping malls and don’t forget to get to the Vigeland Sculpture Park to see for myself.

With all this anxiety, I was still determined to clear everything on my list so I set out first to the shops before they closed. Guess what, I lost my bus pass which would have allowed me 3 hours of free ride! Plans changed yet I still decided to grab food to eat. At the end of the day, I finally got a bus to go back to the hotel at 9pm yet I was restless. I needed to to complete my list! Yes the park! I alighted without thinking twice, only to realise the walk form the bus stop to the park was not 10 mins as google has indicated rather over 30mins.

As though 30mins was not enough, It so happened that I got lost and my internet was not working. I kept walking deep into the dark, then I heard footsteps behind me. I froze! I wondered to myself “why are you out here in the dark? What will it cost me to accept that I can’t do this and just go back to the hotel without seeing this park? Nothing! But guess what, I don’t give up that easily so I continued.  I turned to check where the sound came from but there was nobody. I could have sworn I heard footsteps. At this point, a part of me really wanted to just run back into the lighted streets yet another part will hear nothing of it. Why would you come this far into the dark woods only to want to give up? What if something happens I asked myself? At least it will be while you were taking a risk and disrupting your life I replied myself. Classic me! I enjoy disrupting my life and recreating it! try it! Travel allows me to disrupt my life and out of that chaos come clarity.

After several attempts at getting lost I met a group of guys deep in the woods smoking! Oh my! I can’t describe my emotions but I remember telling myself,  “don’t show fear, don’t show fear.” Speak to them and walk boldly past them afterward. I did exactly that and these boys did not ask a word. All of a sudden I landed on a street with houses up ahead. My face lit up.  There was a man walking his dog towards me, “finally!”  I said, “hallo, do you speak English?”  That all I can say in your language. I want to get to the Vigeland Sculpture Park and he asked,  “what on earth do you want to go and do there at this time?” I was embarrassed but explained I was determined to see this park. He said right ahead take your right and you climb the steps into the park.

Hurray! I was at the end of my journey. I went ahead and realised I was the only one at the huge park at 10pm! It was cold and drizzling. Just before I turned my back to leave I saw a huge flash. “Who is that?” I screamed without thinking twice. He was standing behind one of the statues on the back just across me. He showed his face with a huge smile and said ‘Hope I did not scare you, so sorry but my name is Petrov, I am Russian. I live across there and I usually like to sit in the park to smoke. I never expected anyone here at this time. You are very brave’ I replied with a smile all along thinking to myself If you know what I have been through 🙂 but hey perfect love casts out all fear. Bravery comes out of fear. Once you push a bit past the fear, you will be described as brave! So go just a little bit past your fear! Do not acknowledge it!

He asked, “Can I walk you back to the bus stop?” I replied “yes! I have had my fair share of frightening moments this evening, what could be worse! but first, do you mind taking one picture of me even with this bad weather so I can remember I came here?”

… We walked together into the dark woods

Tune in for what happens with my Russian friend and places to see in Oslo !!!

The picture taken by Petrov!!! This picture is a trophy for my bravery 🙂


The highlight of any trip I make is not the places I see, or even the food but the people I meet and become connected to for life on the journey.- Doris Agbevivi


Every city comes with a different story and a new human relationship. I do not consider my trip complete until I make a human connection by turning strangers into friends.


While you are making friends take time to see Oslo if you are a nature lover!


Until then Its me the girl who travels to tell stories! dhorice@gmail.com


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