In this period of coronavirus with many countries locking down, borders closed, airports as quiet as the cemetery, restaurants shut, Eiffel tower so quiet the structure could literally collapse, Times square so quiet the name times square doesn’t seem befitting, when the likes of the Egyptian museum are shut you begin to reminisce and value the memories made along the journey.


As I have said before travel is a school that teaches us a lot about ourselves while we are on these journeys as well as teaching us to discover the beauty of the world out there, its people, different cultures and most of all allowing us to make friends out of strangers.



Travel seem to have come to a temporary halt in the wake of coronavirus but I found a way to still travel in this time; I travelled back memory lane. I walked on times square, I relived tea with my “boat friend on the Nile”, I went back sitting roaming the streets of Paris, boat riding on the Siene river with a cup of coffee and croissant, enjoying the paintings in the louvre, I went walking on the beautiful beaches of Lome, I relived my moment at check point Charlie and touching the Berlin wall for the first time, I climbed the London bridge again just as I did for new year’s eve to see the fireworks. Most of all, I spoke to all the strangers that had turned friends along this journey.


One thing I came to realise is that, the joy of travel depends entirely on the traveller! I came to realise that indeed material things cannot do much for you in a time when you are unable to use them, this time! not on a death bed but in lockdown.


I found peace in my travels, peace reliving each journey and drawing strength from it while I wait for this CODVID-19 to end. Until then, to all my travellers, hold on to the memories of your travel.


I have to stop posting pictures because I have so many of them to play on and keep playing on until all this is over. Funny enough my car is parked, my shoes are sitting idle :), my gold earrings and necklaces don’t have any thing to offer me now but guess what, My travel memories will do just fine!


Speaking of the Berlin Wall, allow me to tell you a tale of how I spent New year’s eve in the sky…. Ha!! That will have to wait for my next blog! Soon…..


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