Of the many things to do on my bucket list, celebrating new year in the sky was high on that list. I did not exactly get to have the count down in the sky however, I came close; I spent new year’s eve in the sky and it was exciting.  New year’s eve in the sky at my window seat overlooking London was everything and more!

My journey on the 31st December 2019 was pretty interesting. As at 9am on 30th December, I was having coffee in Berlin overlooking this old church with that amazing bell reminding me that yet another hour has passed in this world. At 12 noon, I was some pretty delicious dumplings at Peking Ente Berlin Chinese restaurant around the Potsdamer platz  mindfully enjoying every bit and living in the moment. I proceeded to roam the streets, to see Check point Charlie and have another moment at the East side Gallery. I was loving every bit of these moments and did not want it to end. There are lots of beautiful things to do in Berlin, connecting with the history, the people and more importantly being able to live it for yourself. Look out for that blog soon.

But, this year, I fancied new year’s in London watching the fireworks sitting in the grass at Big Ben hearing that amazing clock chime to remind me of the new year! I also wanted to enjoy something on my bucket list so I became torn between Berlin and London. I quickly hopped on the earliest flight out of Berlin to Heathrow with a 4-hour layover in Brussels, trust me I saw everything a tourist could see within 4-hours from the manneken pis to the grand place, to Auto world show to parc du cinquantenaire to meeting an amazing stranger now turned friend: blog coming up soon.

 This was one of the best flights I had with about 4 hours layover in Brussels because I enjoyed every second in the air, it was beautiful. It was beyond beautiful, every organ in my body was jumping about with joy, the sound of the plane was louder than ever, in fact it was the music the organs danced to. 

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The sky was breathtaking! I realised then that I had made one of the most exciting journeys I will ever make in my life. I literally drank the skyline into my system and just could not stop thinking of the beauty of what I had done. I would have loved to sit up there till 12 midnight but I took another exciting adventure joining people of all ages, colour, and shapes on the Chelsea bridge to usher in the new year. That has to wait for another blog.

Till then I guess I just want to let you know that coming close to your dreams or your bucket list is as equally exhilarating as you will make it. And in making it so, be mindful and enjoy the journey! 

All about my love affair with the sky on new year’s eve up >>>


See you soon! I promise not to be long … 🙂

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